Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

What to know when visiting the Citizens Bank Opera House...

Whether it's your first time or hundredth time visiting our venue, we encourage all guests to understand our code of conduct while attending a performance.

Filming and Photography is not permitted: No matter how moved you are by a scene, you are not allowed to film or photograph the live performance. Period.

Put your phone away: The glow of a cell phone screen can distract everyone in the rows behind you and near you. Please turn your cell phone off, put it under your seat, and enjoy the magic of live performance.

Food and snacks are for before the show and during intermission: We understand the need to snack! We ask for the sake of interruptions, please eat your concession item prior to the show or during intermission. This allows for everyone (you included) to not miss a beat.

That goes for conversations and comments too... We ask that any comments or conversations be saved for intermission or post performance. Restless children (and adults) are encouraged to take a break and enjoy the live feed of the show in the lobbies if needed.

Seating holds: Seating holds are designed by the tour with thought and precision to uphold the integrity of the performance. We ask that you abide by the holds, whether they be in the back of the house or the lobbies and keep your speaking voice to a whisper. If for any reason you have to leave your seat, you will be asked by our usher staff to wait until the next designated seating time.

Listen to our staff: Above all, please listen to our staff. If they are asking you to please put your phone away, to wait to be seated, or to lower your voice, it's on behalf of the hundreds of people who are being impacted around you, and the actors on stage. We appreciate your cooperation and choice to participate in a collective experience.

Prohibited items: Weapons of any kind.